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tube tyre for bike

Facing too much flat tyre problems? Don’t worry Phoebus Sealants has got you covered. Sealant can be used both in tubeless tyres and in tyres with inner tubes as well. Sealants can fix flats that occur from small sharp objects piercing through the tyre’s running surface upto 3-4 mm in size. It will deal with goat heads, thumb tacks, nails and thorns without problems. It’s important to remember that inner tubes with sealant are not invincible; it will not fix large punctures (4+ mm in size) and punctures on the side of the tube that most commonly come from pinch flats.

Phoebus Sealants in India is heavy-duty and high-performance in mending the punctured tyres. The tyre sealant works for 20,000+ km depending on the tyre type and climate conditions; remaining functional after the secondary puncture, as the mixture immediately seals the new puncture. Our Sealant is suitable for all vehicle types, re-treading and TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) friendly. It is your permanent solution for air loss, tire punctures; blowouts, and helps maintain correct tyre pressure.

Not everyone can afford a tyre replacement; Phoebus Sealant comes in handy with these benefits -

  • •Saves Money
  • •Saves Time
  • •Increases the longevity of the tyre.
  • •Saviour in case of emergencies.
  • •Premium product at an affordable price.

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In today’s time, road accidents due to tyre-related incidents are steadily rising & it is now more important than ever to choose the best sealant in the market for a smooth & puncture-free commute, no matter where you are or where you plan to travel to.
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