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India’s Best Car Tyre Sealant Brand

According to The Economic Times, India recorded a staggering 3,74,397 accidental deaths with 35% of them being road crashes.

These concerning statistics can be partially attributed to increased traffic due to the easing of lockdown restrictions, employees restarting work from office mode of working, students being recalled to schools & colleges to write exams, participate in important academic activities and more.

The increased public footfall, as well as vehicular population in India, constitutes more than 6% of the global on-road incidents.

As an effect of this, tens of thousands of people die on the road due to road accidents and unexpected vehicle or tyre-related problems.

To eradicate this ever-pervasive issue, Phoebus Tyre Sealants for Cars heeded in due diligence for research and development for the next-generation tyre sealant for cars that ensures a safer & smoother driving experience for every Indian who drives.

Your car has to brave a lot of different road types throughout the day, from the very pristinely constructed highways to the very poorly maintained gully roads.

Your car, as well as your life, can suddenly be risked if a puncture or tyre burst happens at the wrong time, at the wrong place- leading to a devastating crash or worse.

However, with Phoebus Tyre Sealants for Cars, your tyre keeps running even after a second puncture as the sealant automatically seals every puncture.

All motor vehicle classifications including 2-wheelers and 4-wheelers, retreading, and TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) are compatible with Phoebus Tyre Sealant for cars.

It helps the tyre maintain the right tyre pressure and makes it the only solution for unexpected air loss, tyre punctures, and blow-outs.

Phoebus Tyre Sealants for Cars is one of the best Tyre sealants for cars in India, because of its cutting-edge and highly optimised tyre sealant technology.

Phoebus Tyre Sealant for cars provides a lot of benefits:

  • •Saves Money

  • •Saves Time

  • •Increases the longevity of the tyre.

  • •Saviour in case of emergencies.

  • •Premium product at an affordable price.

Both tubeless and inner tube-equipped tyres benefit from the regular use of Phoebus Tyre sealant for cars. They can repair flats brought on by objects up to 3–4 mm in size and width piercing through the tread of the car tyre.

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