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India’s Best Tyre Tube Manufacturer Company in Faridabad

We all know how important tyres are for any vehicle. The safety, mileage and high performance of the vehicle depends on good your tyres are. When it comes to tyres, there are two types of tyres; tube and tubeless. Phoebus is the best tube company in India which produces not only tyre tubes but sealant as well.

Now you must be thinking what is the difference between a tube and a tubeless tyre?

As the name suggests, a tube tyre consists of a tube of air which is placed inside the tyre. The tube helps in maintaining the shape of the tyre supporting the weight of the vehicle and helps in keeping the vehicle stable. It also acts as a cushion on bumpy roads making the rise smoother. A tubeless tyre weighs less and reduces the un-sprung weight of the vehicle. It gives superior grip handling; it also loses air slowly when punctured.

Phoebus tyre tubes are no less than tubeless tyres. Our butyl tyre tube consists of the following properties which makes it the best.

  • The unique property of permeability:  The butyl tyre tube has impeccable features of permeability to air, gases, and moisture due to the hydrocarbon elastomers which plays an important part in the inner lining of the tyre.

  • Heat resistance:  The butyl tyre tube is very suitable for countries that have high temperatures like India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, regions in Africa. The butyl rubber is better than the natural rubber as it is able to retain its properties in high temperature.

  • Durability:  The durability of Phoebus butyl tyre tube is dynamometer durability tested and approved. It has less wear and tear, hence minimizing the puncture size and cutting down on the repair costs.

  • Aging resistance: The Phoebus butyl tubes have longer lifespan because of good aging resistance and they don’t deteriorate.

  • Consistent inflation pressure:  Due to better inflation pressure retention, tyre rolling resistance reduces improving fuel consumption in vehicles.

Therefore, Phoebus is one of the best tyre tube manufacturing companies in India.