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tube tyre for bike

About Phoebus

Phoebus offers an impactful, innovative, and technological solution to its riders’ and passengers’ safety by creating a balance of the efficient and environment-friendly ecosystem. With our technology, we are focused on eliminating the risks of punctures, and increasing the life of tyres, which is not only efficient for the people in this fast-pacing lifestyle but also cost-effective and time-saver. Our focus is to combat unforeseen situations, reduce the risks of accidents and other losses. With an adept team, we are working on the development of state-of-the-art products that ensure compatibility and adaptability to our customers.

Our Mission

Our technology is focused on enhancing safety for riders, travellers and bicycler by eliminating the risks of puncture and balances the wheel assembly. We focus on creating a balance of innovative, safer, efficient and environment-friendly ecosystem.

Our vision

We are focused on inventing hassle-free technologies, which focuses more on:
.New-breakthrough innovations

Application for Heavy

Duty/ Industrial Grade

Heavy-Duty and Industrial Grade needs extra protection for extreme performances.

Sealant for tube or tubeless tyre types, which move with a speed more than 50km/h, often face high frequencies of puncture on Indian terrains. It balances the wheel assembly and fights rust, also combats unforeseen situations that might cause downtime or revenue loss.

tube tyre for bike

Application for 2W & Cars

A potential life saver that reduces the number of repairs and headaches.

Tyre sealants offer a wide range of advantages that do not affect your wheel balance. It blends well between the tread and the wheel for the tubeless and for tube tyre it goes straight into the tube. Tube or tubeless, two wheelers or cars, it works the same on any tyre or vehicle.

tube tyre for bike