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tube tyre for bike

According to recent reports, there has been a steady increase in fatal on-road crashes due to tyre-related incidents; it is caused by a spike in the overall traffic volume across India rising nearly 10% in 2021 when compared to 2020. This inflated traffic-calypse is believed to have been caused by the post-lockdown increase in public traffic, employees going back to their offices, and students going back to schools and universities for studies and other academic activities and that's simply scratching the surface of the larger issue.

This increased traffic volume in India unintentionally has caused more than 5% of the world's total volume of on-road incidents. Unfortunately, due to this staggering statistic, a lot of innocent drivers as well as unsuspecting pedestrians lose their lives.To finally put an end to this long-standing problem, Phoebus Tyre Sealants has focused its energy on creating the best tyre sealant through dedicated research, development, materials science, and design to give the world the best tyre sealant to inculcate a smooth driving experience.

When you go through various road conditions from the perfectly made highways to the pothole-riddled roads, your tyres take an incredible amount of damage which can manifest itself through catastrophic tyre bursts which can and has caused fatal accidents. With the best sealant for tyres i.e. Phoebus Tyre Sealants, you won't have to face the risk of catastrophic tyre failure anymore. No more losing tyre air pressure or facing the fright and risk on your daily commute- Phoebus is the best tyre sealant to keep you safe.

Phoebus Tyre Sealant is the best car tyre sealant brand as it provides a lot of benefits:

  • • Saves Money: Tyres take less damage and lasts you longer- you save money over time.

  • • Saves Time: Phoebus is highly optimised to make your tyres last longer, so you save time through higher tyre-tread performance.

  • • Extends the lifespan of the tyre: You take less tyre damage, thereby it extends the lifespan of your tyre.