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Phoebus tyre tube price for bike


“Even getting Tubeless tyres for your vehicle doesn’t assure you of a ‘Puncture Free’ life, because even the latest tubeless tyres get punctured all of a sudden.”

Our Sealants are heavy-duty and highly-performative in mending the punctured tyres. The tyre sealant works for 20,000+ km depending on the tyre type and climate conditions; remaining functional after the secondary puncture, as the mixture immediately seals the new puncture. Our Sealant is suitable are all vehicle types, Re-treading and TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) friendly. It is your permanent solution for air loss, tire punctures; blowouts, and helps maintain correct tyre pressure.

As not everyone can afford a tyre replacement, a Sealant benefits you –

•Saves Money

•Saves Time

•Increases the longevity of the tyre.

•Saviour in case of emergencies.

•Premium product at an affordable price.

Phoebus tyre tube price for bike

2.Tyre Tube

We manufacture a wide range of high-quality butyl rubber tubes for all kinds of tyres. With superior compounding our butyl tubes have low permeability as compared to a natural rubber tube, thereby maintaining air pressure for a longer duration and decreasing the chances of tyre failures. Our butyl tubes decrease pollution by 10-15% with superior technology and process adoptions.

Butyl Rubber is the first rubber to be synthesized and, is made by combining copolymerize isobutylene and a small amount of isoprene. It is valuable as it has the unique property of low permeability to air, gases, and moisture and is also flexible and durable. The butyl rubber tubes undergo all the performance-based criteria and are much better than the natural rubber tubes.

Properties of Our Butyl Tyre Tube –

•The unique property of Permeability

Due to hydrocarbon elastomers, the Butyl Tyre Tube has exceptional features of impermeability to air, gases, and moisture, which plays an important part in the inner linings of vehicles’ tyres.

•Heat Resistance

The inner tube of the Butyl rubbers is better than natural rubbers, as it is able to retain its properties at high temperatures and the natural solution of carbon in butyl hardens by treating it with sulphur at high temperatures. In hot countries like – India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and African regions, this butyl property is very functional.


The butyl rubber inner tube after a tyre dynamometer durability test has better-aged tear strength retention. Less tearing and reduction of puncture size minimizes the repair work and enhances the tyre durability.

•Aging Resistance

Because of the good aging resistance of Butyl rubbers, it has a longer lifespan and also does not deteriorate easily.

•Consistent inflation pressure

There is a reduction in tyre rolling resistance due to the better inflation pressure retention, and it also improves fuel consumption.

Quality of the Butyl Tyre Tube:

A good quality raw material passes 7 quality-inspection steps. At each step, our team of technicians checks the quality with strict guidelines which ensures the best quality butyl tubes to our customers. We certify that the quality of our product is top-notch which is developed after a lot of research treading as the tube is made with butyl rubber resisting heat treading onto a secret compound.

Phoebus tyre tube price for bike