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Phoebus tyre tube price for bike

Scooty Tyres Tubes

India’s weather is unpredictable, especially in cities like Delhi-NCR and Mumbai where the weather can shift from blistering hot to raining cats and dogs in a matter of a few hours. And in these extreme ends of weather conditions, a lot of 2-wheelers like scootys experience on-road tyre punctures and bursts which can potentially lead to lethal consequences.

Phoebus brings is an innovative & impactful technology leader which acts as a protector ensuring passenger safety through its premium scooty tyre safety products such as scooty tyre tubes. Phoebus Tyre Tubes is focused on keeping your commute safe while increasing the lifespan of your tyre at the same time. An efficient & safe tyre tube is the central pillar of today's fast-paced commute-based lifestyle, making it affordable & time-saving.

Phoebus tyre tube price for bike

Some of the benefits offered by Phoebus tyre tubes:

  • •Non-porous: Uses hydrocarbon elastomer Butyl for its tyre tubes, which makes it non-permeable & non-porous towards air, gases & moisture.
  • • Resistant to Heat: Butyl material used to manufacture Phoebus scooty tyres tubes, maintain its material strength for a long time in unpredictable weather conditions like in India.
  • • Durability: Phoebus Butyl scooty tyres tubes have better material resistance leading to fewer punctures & higher safety.
  • • Resistant to age: Butyl rubber tyre tubes have a higher resistance to rubber aging, making our tyre tubes one of the longest-lasting tyre tubes in the industry.

With Phoebus Sealants & Tyre Tubes, every 2-wheeler rider is assured a safe, economical & smooth drive every day. Due to an unbreakable dedication towards R&D, Phoebus Tyre Tubes has one of the best tyre tube compatibility with any tyre and TPMS system alongside the great benefits that Phoebus tyre tubes offers to its customers. The blendof great benefits & commitment to improving and developing makes Phoebus the best tyre tube in Delhi-NCR.

Phoebus tyre tube price for bike