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Phoebus tyre tube price for bike

Tube Tyre for bike

Rapid global warming and greenhouse gas emissions has caused rapid change in global weather patterns, especially so in India. Due to these factors and in addition to poor quality tyre tubes for bike in the market, bike riders often face the risk of grievous injury or even death.

However, Phoebus Tyre Tubes for Bikes are here to save the day.

Phoebus Tyre Tubes for Bikes is a protector ensuring bike ride and passenger safety through their premium quality tyre tubes for bike, at an affordable range. Phoebus Tyre Tubes for Bikes aims at completely erasing puncture risks & lengthening the lifespan of your tyre as well as keeping you safe at all times during your commute.

Phoebus tyre tube price for bike

Phoebus is a tyre sealant & tyre tube company developing cutting-edge and state-of-the-art technologies & products that ensure passenger safety, product compatibility & situation adaptability. With Phoebus, the aim is to create a nation where there are no more untoward incidents due to tyre-related incidents such as tears, punctures and bursts.

Some of the benefits offered by Phoebus tyre tubes:

  • • Non-porous: Phoebus used hydrocarbon elastomer-based Butyl material for its tyre tubes for bike making it non-permeable towards gases, moisture and air.
  • • Resistant to Heat: Butyl rubber maintains its material strength as well as structural integrity even in hot weather conditions like in India.
  • • Durability: Phoebus tyre tubes for bikes have a great tear stopping properties leading to fewer punctures & better tyre tube safety factor.
  • • Resistant to age: Phoebus tyre tubes for bikes have a good resistance against rubber aging making it very durable and long-lasting as tyre tubes.

With Phoebus Sealants & Tyre Tubes, every biker rider is assured a safe commute daily without unnecessary tyre-related risks. With dedication towards research and development, material science and more- Phoebus has one of the best tyre tubes for bike with the great benefits that Phoebus tyre tubes offer.

Phoebus tyre tube price for bike